How to update Canon Printer Drivers?

Since the new windows OS new version is in the market, many printer producer companies also release updated printer drivers to keep up with the new features or ideas and to improve and fix the problems users can face. Canon printers also release new drivers on a regular basis to improve their printer efficiency. You can contact Canon Printer Customer Service Phone Number, in need of any help regarding Canon printer.

When should you update the printer drivers?

When you update your operating system or make any change in your computer, you must update your printer drivers. Else you are going to deal with problems while printing and scanning documents. Updating printer drivers are very important to keep up with new technology. So you should do this process on a regular basis.

You can check on your own if your computer and printer need any driver update. Here is how:

·  Press the start button then clicks on Control panel.

·  Then go to printer connections of your computer.

·  Find the option “Windows update”.

·  In the appeared window, click on “Check for updates”.

·  In the result choose for “optional updates” or “install updates” links. After that follow the screen instruction until the process is complete.

How to download the updated Canon printer drivers?

Canon printer updated drivers are available on Canon printer’s official website. Search for the printer drivers on the official website.

Step 1. Open the web browser and visit the Canon printer official website.

Step 2. Search for your Canon printer model from the Search field. You will get the matching models and series in the search result.

Step 3. Then choose the version of the operating system you are using.

Step 4. Then move your cursor to the driver’s link and click on that.

Step 5. Then click on download.

Step 6. After download click to install the drivers.

Step 7. Then accept the license agreement and click OK. It will start the installation, ensure a complete and proper installation.

After the installation, your printer will work very efficiently and smoothly. But if you are confused with above-given steps then you should definitely take the assistance of techies. Call on Canon Printer Tech Support Phone Number and get the guidelines of 24/7 available Canon printer technicians.


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How to fix Canon printer cartridge error?

Issues of problems with ink cartridges are very common in printers and these problems have been the cause of major inconvenience to many customers over the years. This problem is prevalent in all Canon, HP, and Epson etc. printers. The printer cartridge error with Canon can be classified into many types:

·  Ink cartridge getting dried up.

·  Printer unable to recognize the compatible cartridge.

·  Issues with cartridge chip.

·  Low or unavailability of ink error.

These issues are the prevailing causes of Canon cartridge errors and the steps taken to tackle this issue are somehow related. The steps used to solve one of these types of issue can be applied to the others as well. As the troubleshooting measures are pretty much the same. If you want to get information on Canon printer other than its ink Cartridge error problems then you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support Number.This number is available through the day and is free of cost.

The main steps that can be taken to seize or solve the issue of Canon printer cartridge error are simple and easy to execute. If you are one of those customers looking for the steps and ways to fix this problem then this blog will be useful to you. Given below are the steps which you can take to carry out the troubleshooting method:

Step 1: Restart your printer and your computer.

Step 2: Press and hold down the power button of your printer for roughly 20-30 seconds.

Step 3: You can also press and hold down the Color start button.

Step 4: Wait for the ink monitor to shut off completely and to stop blinking

Step 5: After the ink monitor stops blinking, the printer will start and will resume printing normally.

These steps above will help you troubleshoot the common canon cartridge problems. But if you have other problems or if the steps provided does not help solve the issue then get in touch with Canon Technical Support Number.Here, the customers will be aided by technical experts of Canon printer and instant solutions will be provided on the spot so that the users can waste no time in handling the problem. 


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